Meet my design partner, my right hand – and sometimes my left too. This is TEAM

If you ask me to list some of my favourite things I will usually answer the beach, my little lake cabin and when I am not at either of these 2 places I love being in my home. Obviously it’s where my heart is - with my family but also it is where I feel with out a doubt the most comfortable. Good design creates that feeling- one where you never want to leave! I adore what I term as barefoot luxury. Cozy warm and beautifully textured, yet simple things that come together to make a home. My love of this west coast Island we live on inspires me. Everywhere we look we are surrounded by the watery blues of the ocean, the caramels and warm colors of the coastal beaches, the greens in many shades of our immense forests. It’s like being on a permanent vacation. Your home can feel like that too.

I am a wife and a mom, I was a police officer in my past career too. I use all of these bits and pieces of life to bring clients the most real and stress free design experience possible. We have fun, we laugh and together we make beautiful spaces.

  Remarkable team


Principal Designer, Owner

The thing you notice about Stacey right away is her passion for design. Wheels are turning all the time! When I asked her to name some favourite things she replied : “Beautiful spaces that take your breathe away! And the ocean…the smell, the power and the beauty and quiet time at home with friends and family.” We all draw from who and what inspires us. Stacey, in true creative spirit loves many design styles, from bold and contemporary to white washed cottages and everything in between! She has great personal style and is a wizard with floral organic materials and décor, creating breathtaking vignettes. She is also the most organized person I know! Clutter? …NO WAY! We work together, collaborate and create together.  Some days we even show up in matching outfits. 



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