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Before I left LA, we (staff and family ) took a tour of the properties.  It was a loving experience, and most of all, the staff is thrilled to have the opportunity to live in these beautiful spaces.  You and Stacey are remarkable, and as usual, knocked it out of the park.

Every property is perfect for the individual employees as well as their families who are living there.  

I love the various things we did inside the main house.   The wallpaper in the powder room is terrific.  The cottage loft is exactly what I imagined it would be, only better.  

You’re wonderfully gifted designers.  Most people have no concept of the time and work it takes to design and install a project was.  It involves very long hours and very hard work.  I love the creative part most of all, but the grind and time involved in pulling all the pieces together is something no one understands unless you've done it.  

Congratulations on a terrific job on the seven properties in LA. Congratulations. It's just breathtaking.   All the very best,   Mrs. S

Tracey and Stacey,

I can't thank you enough!!!  It's so much better than I could ever have imagined!!!  I'm over the moon giddy!!!

It's like a magazine!  I can't believe I'm in my own house!

Renovating or redecorating... it's exciting, but can be a bit overwhelming too.

Where should you start?  How much can you afford to spend?  After 23 years with the same furniture, it was time for a change, no it was necessary!

Stepping out and asking for help, how to place my furniture, with new purchases and of course painting old furniture to look like new.  The decisions, indecisions, the emails and texts, the support you showed me, through it all.

I can't believe it but now here it is...the night before the big reveal, how do I feel?  Excited, nervous, will I like it? Love it?  Hate it?

The moment I stepped into the room, I knew... it was EXACTLY what I wished for!  I highly recommend you both, you are an amazing team together, extremely talented and gorgeous both of you!    Thank you again, ever so much... from the bottom of my heart.     

Dawn, The Evans Clan and of course Billy too xoxo

“Professional, Knowledgeable, Resourceful, Creative, Fun…ReMarkable!! These are just a few of the ReMarkable talents Tracey Jones at ReMarkable ReDesign Interiors bring to every project Tidman Construction Ltd. have had the pleasure of working together on. Tracey listens to clients, cares and delivers an end result that exceeds everyone’s vision. Without question, the best we have ever worked with and Tidman Construction Ltd looks forward to working together on many future projects.”   Andrew Tidman, TIDMAN CONSTRUCTION LTD.


What OUR Clients are Saying!

the Housse


Hi Tracey

Thank you so much for what you and Stacey have created. Tony and I were absolutely in awe. You have made it into a beautiful home, not just a house for sale

When we get settled into Fairfield in the next few months I would love to have you return to help create our new home. That will be really exciting.

I will get a cheque to you, and I believe that you were worth every cent. Thanks so very much.    Wendy

Hi Tracey & Stacey!

 Well, much has happened since you helped us stage our home to sell!  We followed your advice and were rewarded with a very quick sale – the day after it was listed and after the third showing!  How surprised we were!  Was it luck – no, we think it had to do with your expertise and professional eyes – and we can’t thank you enough.

 So we want to thank you so very much for helping us – and we wish you continued success in your business – you’re both very talented, fun, and real! 

Take good care and we’ll be recommending you to all our friends, for sure!  Have a great summer!      Lorraine & Al

"Tracey and her team of stylists are highly imaginative, creative and very professional. I can always count on them to make my listings polished and perfectly presented.”       Stephanie Peat, DFH Realty, Sidney, BC

“We looked at this house twice. It is a beautiful property with all the details we were looking for. It was vacant at the time and I had no idea how my furniture could fit and if I was going to be able to make it work for us. Ten months later after our realtor told us the house was staged we looked at it again. I felt like I was home. The way Tracey and her style team separated the living spaces was brilliant. They did an incredible job and the staging obviously worked! We bought our dream home and are extremely happy. I have since had Tracey work with me on some furniture sourcing and the staging of our other home currently on the market. Remarkable!  “   C. Malatest, Saanich, BC

"Hi Tracey and Stacey.Thank you very much for doing such an outstanding job for me on such short notice! From your website and email I could tell you were real pros. The work you did on my unit blew me away. you made my condo look better than I ever imagined!"    Louise Normandin, Ottawa ,Ont


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